Referral Program

Need a top quality property management company to refer your clients to? There are two concerns most agents have when referring to a property management company. The first concern is if you refer your client(s) to a property management company that fails to meet their goals. Or, worse yet, you refer to a company that causes a financial loss to your client. Unfortunately, more often than not, the referring agent will be judged by the actions of the company that was referred. As the saying goes, "guilty by association". Secondly, when referring a client, you want to make certain that client(s) remains "YOUR" client. Far too often, management companies will simply convert your referral to a buyer or seller in the future stating the client preferred to work with them due to the business relationship they have now developed. At All Investors Realty and Management, our goal is to provide peace of mind to referring agents. We have perfected the business of property management and we will do all that is in our power to make certain your client receives outstanding service. However, if there is ever a problem that arises, we will contact you in advance to inform you of the situation. We want you to stay involved and actively communicating with YOUR client. If your client suggests they are interested in buying or selling real estate, we will immediately refer them to you and follow up with you via email to make you aware that it is time to give them a call. Again, we want the agent to be actively communicating with their client(s). Finally, we will sign a strict Non Compete Clause that prohibits us for working with your client in a sales capacity. YOUR clients remain YOUR clients!

We love our referring agents and we show it! Receive a 10% annual referral fee with a fully executed lease. We want to continually thank you for your referral(s) year after year.

Please give us a call if you would like to meet with us. It would be our pleasure to review our services with you.

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Just tell your owners, "we exceed your expectations, not your budget".